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ello World..

6 years ago
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Hello Dreadheads,

My name is Johnny.

I've been considering dreads for a long time, for some reason i never thought it was an option for me. i didn't think my hair could dread and i was worried what people would say since im not black. (looking back now i think it seems kinda racist that people have told me i couldn't/shouldn't) A few months ago i started searching youtube and seen so many videos of people of all nationalities with awesome dreads and i told myself "whose to stop me from doing what I want". Been growing my hair out for the first time EVER since August 2011 -it's almost weird, it's so different i'm used to fades and tapirs ;)sexy- I first came across johnnyclean & knottyboy site, something didn't seem right. i continued searching, thank goodness i found this site, really dodged the bullet there. Been browsing dreadlockssite for a while, finally decided to join. Planning on starting my journey possibly sometime during or before the summer of 2012, depends on how long my hair is by then.

Little about me:

2012 will be an incredible year for me, i'm determined to make it so. i currently attend Phoenix College.I play guitar. I dabble in graphic design. I'm a Gamer. also i'm a dog breeder, my dogson's name is Manny!!

If you wanna know more check out my profile, or send a message or something.

Shoutout to all of the people who have made this site possible, including all members! i may not know you yet but YOU are beautiful and i appreciate you more than you know.

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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
6 years ago
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well what a nice intro


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Baba Fats
6 years ago
2,730 posts

welcome. Glad you realized that locks are for everyone. everyone would look good with them, but that doesn't mean everyone is ready for them

6 years ago
184 posts

Welcome, glad to have you with us. You sound well and truly ready for a new start. I bet your hair will start knotting sooner than you think!

6 years ago
548 posts

Hello and welcome! Oooooh, what breeds do you work with? I love dogs but no longer live with any so I have to live vicariously through everyone else. In fact, my favorite caf is a dog friends place (there's nothing like getting a lick on the arm while deep into studying.)


6 years ago
4 posts

Thank you all for your warm welcomes.

SE - Thank you so much. I couldn't have done it without you! :)

Faye - yea it's definitely awesome to have somewhere to call dreadhome. i know i can come here and not be judged, i can find people who can relate to me, and i can even ask questions and get real answers lol

Baba - I know what ya mean. for the longest time i wasn't sure, but now there isn't a doubt in my mind. It feels incredible.

HippiGal - I'm really glad to be here, thank you; and i'm only a couple weeks in and their already doing well. i think this is because of my hair type, i have thick curly hair. I've also been getting it ready for this for quite some time. so overall things are happening pretty quick.

valerie - I work with American Bully's (a style of the American Pit Bull Terrier) i have had a lifelong passion for animals, mostly dogs, since i was a young. i began breeding back in 2007 and it has been an amazing journey. i've had so many incredibleexperiencesfrom this, i'll have to talk to you about it sometime.Unfortunately, due to my situation, i am not currently doing much in the dog game. But I'm eagerly awaiting mytriumphantreturn loland i totally understand, i can't express the joy i get when i have a bad day and come home to someone so happy just to see me. :)

Baba Fats
6 years ago
2,730 posts

I just read this post again, and it stuck out that you first noticed Johnny clean. Same here. I am actually starting to reorganize my library. It's been haphazard since we moved in 4 years ago, but, by myself, it's about a week and a half long project. I came across a folder of pictures and letters I wrote years and years ago. And taped to the inside was a picture of the knotty boy logo.

It's funny how far I've come since then. I stood there shocked that I even still had the folder, not the mention that I would have, in my right mind, taped that garbage to the inside of it

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