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heya everyone :)

Helena de Reybekill
7 years ago
7 posts

Hiii :) I'm Helena, but I prefer being called Helly.

I'm from the UK...where it seems to be pretty grey right now.

Hope everyone is well :)

So, I found this site last night. It's so good to read pro dread comments. It's like I can feel the love pouring out. hehe :)

I've always been fascinated by dreads. I remember telling my dad when I was much younger, that one day I would have dreads. He's a little closed minded and made some comment about how they don't suit 'white' people.. -.- A couple of years ago I put in a few dreads using the twist and rip method..but my friends at the time weren't into dreads.

A few months ago I put in a set of woolen dreads...I kept them in for a while and my hair started to dreadnaturally at the roots :D I've since taken the wool out and my friend dreaded the rest of my hair using a crochet hook.

Anyway, here I am now, however may years and months later, with most of my hair in dreads.. I'm still contemplating on wether I should dread my fringe or not..

My dreads are about a month or so old right now, I have some funky lumps and bumps in some parts.

The main issue for me at the moment is, that I've got a bit of growth at the roots there anything I can do to help dread it up more? I wash my hair about once a week with diluted shampoo...

Also, are there any recommendations on certain shampoos to use for washing le dreadies?

Oh, yeah..what's the deal with dying them? I tried to dye them a few weeks ago but it didn't really work :/

Anyway, hope everyone's groovy :) xx

The first photo is what the dreads looked like a day or so after they were done.

The second one is what they look like a month-ish on.

hope you can tell the difference.. apologies for the bad camera/ lighting. xx

updated by @helena-de-reybekill: 01/13/15 09:10:31PM
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
7 years ago
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but ok 1srt off

crochets a horible thing to do to dreads throw that hook away and join the crochet recovery group

2 leave the roots alone! they are 1 month old the roots will be loose for 9-12 more months do nothing to them at all ever except seperate

3 wash with baking soda and acv theres other options but cause uk has horible water its your best option

4 if u can avoid dying them u should if u must dye em try henna only dye the surface rinse like crazy

its best to let em be natural

the bumps and loops are a good trhing meansds they are dreading already despite the horible treatment with crochet

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