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Loose dreads

Heather Lawrence
7 years ago
4 posts

So I'm 3 weeksinto my new dreads, and I'm really excited about them.

I used the twist and rip method and have absolutely no product in my hair. I use aloe vera to tame the frizz in the morning before going off to work, and I wash with Dr Bronners 2-3 times a week.
I've read a lot of things about the first stages of dreads, but I just want to make sure...
Last week my hair was tightening up pretty well, but now they're loosening a lot. One dread in the back came completely out, and I had to re-do it. Not a biggie, but I want to lock these babies up as best as I can.
Should I backcomb or palm roll them?
How long will it take for them to tighten?
I know I might be stressing, but I just want a little reassurance :)

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Crystal O.
7 years ago
137 posts

I did TnR and I'm almost at 7 months now. They came out almost completely within the first couple months, I tried re-twisting at first and did some damage. I let them go completely and now I have all I can do to stop them from dreading together or "congoing"

Really, the time flies once you forget about them and let them be, you stop noticing any frizz and start seeing and feeling them really dread and it gets exciting. Letting go may be the hardest part, but the most rewarding. I'm well on my way to having crazy beautiful dreads and think you will be too. They do what they dojust let them do it and separate if they start to tangle together. Best wishes to you!

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
7 years ago
28,585 posts

stop using aloe! aloe conditions u only want to use ali=oe for a rare ocassion like a weeddding, or when mature and dijued out

use sea salt instead

and do not "redo" them do not backcomb or palm roll just leave them alone

spray with sea salt and let them dread

if u keep using aloe they wkll keeo falling out

27 years growing dreadlocks the natural way
My dreads are over 9 feet long

also on the board of, and a student glider pilot with freedoms wings international
Jessica Ann Hughes
7 years ago
85 posts
Lemon juice doesn't condition. It makes your hair really dry and yes, it does help tighten your dreads. That why some people use it in there sea salt sprays. My oldest dread is actually loosening up. Some of my youngest dreads are nicer and tighter than this one. I though it was weird, but whatever it wants to do is fine with me :P

Rugby Girl said:
I think I remember reading somewhere on this site that lemon juice is actually conditioning so it might not be such a great idea. :)

Sarah Hagan-Stuff said:
Some people also say lemon juice helps to dry and tighten , so you can add some to a salt water spray as well.
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