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i fogot to do my into duh!! here it is

7 years ago
13 posts
This will be my third set of dreads the first set was just on the top which i realized wasnt the look i was after so i cut them off so i could start all my hair at the same length.all was good till i put the F'en bees wax on my dreads(bad move)but at the time i didnt know!!3 years had passed when i noticed my dreads was falling out or thinning bad so what do i do put more bees wax in trying to not lose any more,had sum the size of candle wick WTF not to mention i was twisting my hair both time.To much twisting on the first set learned to not twist so much but was still twisting 3 years later just had to cut them off but i saved both sets of dreads have em right here hope to give to cancer patients!!fast forward 10 years.After ordering dhhq kit i just let it set for another year in the box so now im ready i start twisting again got half of my head done pulled out the dhhq kit buit only pulled out the video an bees wax i watch the dumb video while twisting then open up the bees wax applied maybe the size of a pencil lead of each one(remember only half a head done other side afro)waited 3 weeks to start the other side got donne with that side only waxed like 30 on new side but i lock peppa it looked went to the mirror felt like me as a person was back after 11 year then start surfingb the web what a god sent i found dreadlock sit read all i could but when i seen SE SAY WASH ALL THAT STUFF OUT YOUR HAIR my mind so hell naww but the tru me said listen to SE ok self!!washed all the wax out lucky only put a small small bit in my hair so it ws not problem after dawn an BS wash-ACV rinse it was all clean,got up the next day did one more BS-ACV.BS works great but leave whit paste on scalp think it cause hard water so i tried kirks bars soap a little.My dreads was born on 4/22/22 all natural this time no wax just time.ITS TIME TO GET MY IDENTITY BACK(pics soon my camera sucks big time:-(

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