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TnR method, HELP!!!

7 years ago
2 posts
ok so i done a single dread using the twist and rip method.. is it supposed 2 look just really notty??? Im not quite sure.. i mean it stayed 2gether but im not sure what it is supposed 2 look like.. any help!!
updated by @megan: 01/13/15 09:02:14PM
7 years ago
97 posts
It might not loom exacly like a dread right away... It's kinda just to jump start ur sections..... Over the months it will form into a dread...
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
7 years ago
28,275 posts
if you dont randomise enough it can look braidy for several weeks but that goes away as it dreads the more random you seperate the more dreaded it looks instead of braidedalso dont retwist between each pull instead like every 10 or so

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Jordan Hannah
7 years ago
4 posts
Hey, Take a deep breath and calm down. After you twist and rip your hair dont worry about what it looks like. If fact throughout the entire dreading proccess just dont worry about what it looks like. Itll dread eventurally as long as you dont condition it.
7 years ago
2 posts
Thx every1 for the help... : )
Lexz Luv
7 years ago
74 posts

Hey dont worry and everything will work out! Its kind of hard to "mess up" dreads unless you put wax and random products in! IDK if this will help but Here is my TnR timeline if you wanna check it out


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