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Greetings bredren and sisdren!

Trevor Wakem
7 years ago
1 posts

Blessings to all mi beautiful people! New to di site, but have gained much valuable information from reading all your posts. I started dreading about three weeks ago, (twist and rip) but after a week took them out as they were falling apart and looked bad. I washed my hair wi some anti-residue shampoo, and redreaded after. They look much better and seem to be holding together better as well. Guess I just looking for sum tips on washing new dreads.... and maintaining my babies :)

Glad I joined this righteous community! Bless and thanks in advance for yuh help

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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
7 years ago
28,260 posts

welcome if u use soap wash just the scalp rinse thru the hair or use the bs and no scrub at all

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