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starting dreads questions

7 years ago
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Hey all!

Ive been stalking the forums here for a bit but still have questions.

My hair.I have thick, naturally curly/frizzy hair down to my lower back. Its more frizzy the older I get and the longer it gets. Im looking into going with neglect but have a few questions first.

I completely understand everyone has a different experience dreading but I was wondering if anyone else has this same type of hair and went with the neglect method how it worked out, any suggestions, etc.

I sleep like a crazy person and if I don't put in a ponytail, my hair KNOTS after one night in the back at the bottom what to do with this? Sleep with something on headwhat and how?

I am currently interviewing for work and plan to start new job soon in the beginning stages of dreading, can I pull my hair back in a style without hindering the process?

And most likely I will have more questions but for now, thats it!

By the way, this site is awesome!

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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
7 years ago
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i know someo e who dreads overnight if they dont braid it the knotting overnights a really good thing but does it knot into 1 huge mass or manmy smaller ones

can u rip it apart while leaving it knotty?

if you cant then maybe braid uit b4 bed during yoir sleep it will dread alot and fast u just wuill need to seperate alot more at 1st

u can oull em back and style em just try to keep it semi loose

u may need to seperate alot early on since it wants to dread so badly

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7 years ago
2 posts

it knots into one big mass

I honestly never tried to rip it apart - will have to try it some morning and see what happens

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