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Shower time

7 years ago
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So before i even thought about having dreadlocks. I had questioned shampoo. ultimately I grew dreads. Washing My hair with baking soda is so rewarding. The days i use no soap and just rinse off my body with water. so rejuvinating. I do use bar soap. bar soap really did help my dreads begin. Now I just wash them under water. or do a baking soda rinse. i even wash some parts of my body with el soda. its really great simple stuff.

Thank God for simplicity : ]

My dreads are so cclose to being finished, and out of the beginning stage. Im so EXCITED

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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
7 years ago
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i only use the baking soda too tho i do wash my roots with maylees cause i love the smell and it feels so good

but the rest of my dreads and body love the baking soda since i stopped soap i have no more dry crackinmg skin

i do a baking soda fot soak every now and then too (tomoro gonna do 1)

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