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Is there a good drying method

tha tron
7 years ago
145 posts
just wrap them in the towel and don't scrub them. get yourself a nice microfiber towel love those things
updated by @tha-tron: 07/18/15 03:34:26PM
tha tron
7 years ago
145 posts

just wash them early in the day and make sure there is time for them to dry. to be really really simple about it

7 years ago
1 posts
Yes, Perfect!

Rachel Adelle said:
Baba Fats
6 years ago
2,710 posts

I squeeze as much water out while I'm still in the shower. Then I do the same thing with towel, and then to help the progress along hen it's cold out, I use a blow drier. It works just fine, just don't use it too much and it one place for long. You want to move it around like real wind.

I've never had a problem. But mine are over 5 years old now. If they're new, it's better to just let them air dry. If you use a towel, just squeeze and pet them. Rubbing your hair will only undo knots and set back the progress

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