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Hi! I'm new

7 years ago
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Hi! I'm new! I said that already. I'm 36. I've been dreaming about dreads since I was about 15 years old. I've been talking about them seriously for about 7 or 8 years now. I'd always cut my hair before it really got long enough. At one point I actually bought a kit from DHHQ but I tossed it out (thankfully) when I cut my hair and didn't use it. Last May I got a pixie/fauxhawk type thing and I regretted it from moment the scissors hit my hair. Almost a year has passed, I've been patient and finally, I have enough hair to get started. I've decided to twist and rip a little here and there, but I think mostly, I'm going to go natural. In the last year, I only brushed my hair like once every week or so. I do have a bad habit of running my fingers through my hair though. I have to stop that. Also...if you're going to spray a little sea salt water on your hair, how often do you do that? Is there a particular time that is better than others? Thanks for all the information. I'm sooooo glad I found this site.

Here's to day one: (excuse the poor lighting in the picture!)

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7 years ago
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yea either add the sea salt to the baking soda wash or spray on bout 2 hours b b4 u wash

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