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need advice

Dia Grant
10 years ago
2 posts
updated by @dia-grant: 02/14/15 06:10:47AM
Island Mamma
10 years ago
530 posts
I suggest you take a real look around the site and read the links and information provided.Basically you're in the wrong place.
David E Glazai
10 years ago
23 posts
in case you support natural locs I personally think that it may be hard for you to make an adequate living if you support natural/free formed locs and wanna be a loctician because telling your customers to grow their dreads on their own without any professional care may drive them away and make you lose money. Being that this site encourages natural locs I doubt any of us has any advice or ideas for aspiring locticians, but good luck and best wishes on your quest.
Brandon Arnold
10 years ago
184 posts

What's the point of a loctician?

Their purpose is to make your hair look like you haven't combed your hair in years.

it's stupid. Don't be one.

go to a beauty school for a license in whatever, but don't start scamming people into thinking they need dread products and monthlymaintenance.

Jeffree Vega.
10 years ago
66 posts
Sorry to tell you, but you came to the wring place for help.Many people here have been scammed out of money because they went to a locticion.
10 years ago
50 posts

Ok, hold on a moment, people. While I hear what you are all saying, this site generally does advise against using locticians, there is no need to be so mean and negative. Is it possible that you could be a loctician that helps people start their dreads off right? Maybe help people section their hair and do some T&R-ing and educating them on how to best take care of their budding locs? I am not sure one could make a good living out of doing just this, but there is no harm in educating yourself and helping others do their locs in a good and healthy way. After all, we could argue that SE is a loctician because he is helping all of us with our locs as well.

I say to Dia Grant, good on you! The best thing you can do is look around this site, find out what is best to do and what is important not to do and see where you can take that information. Don't feel that being a good loctician means that you HAVE to give people dreads the "salon" way!

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
10 years ago
29,465 posts

locticians in general use ther absolute worse methods charge insane prices and create disasters

now that doesnt mean you have to too

but some states require liscinccing to become a loctician or even tio braid hair (because braiders and locticians do it so tight they cause permenant scalp trauma)

if your state requires liscincing you need to take courses that teacj you all the wrong things to do and never even mention that dreads dread on theyere own

if yoiur state requires none then read every single thing on this site

now we came up with a certified organic locticia n program a year ago with a strict no harm philosophy

we have not found 1 loctician to qualify

if your really interested on being a loctician i suggest you try to qualify for that status

but from the expereiences of our members all locticiian expereinces end up with help a loctician really screwed up my dreads and did some really dumb things to them

wehave seen almost none who had good experiences (well 2 less then 1% werent disasters)

30 years growing dreadlocks the natural way
My dreads are over 10 feet long

also on the board of, and a student glider pilot with freedoms wings international - soaring for people with disabilities
Dia Grant
10 years ago
2 posts
wow yall all need a hug well i love my locs my daughter locs & half the ppl in my family have them i dont knw y yall so upset i jus ask a question & yall came out the gate bashing me... if yall free form than good but dont knock the next person for want there locs done not dreads locs done or maintained by a loctician.... thank you to the ones who had something nice to say. you get more bees wit honey than wit vinegar.... Most ppl i've came across in nappy world locnation are happy ppl not bitter mean ppl yeah im off of this site Deuces & Smooches
meg ☮
10 years ago
92 posts
I don't find anyone has been really rude to you on this thread; they've simply informed you that this may not be the place to look for information on becoming a loctician. That's all.
Mia Elizabeth
10 years ago
45 posts

I agree with Meg.

It sounds like your upset because you didn't hear what you wanted to.

I am sorry you decided to leave, because if you had stayed you would have realized

that there is TRULY little rudeness here

And you would have gained loads of knowledge.

Hope to see you back though

Peace & love,


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