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Dreads and Ethnicity

8 years ago
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Except for us smokers..we're black on the inside lol

updated by @thundersquall: 07/23/15 08:25:33AM
8 years ago
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okay I see that I ambeingmisunderstood. I am not saying that there are no differences I'm saying the exactoppositethere are to many differences to classify humans into races. One majorcharacteristic ofour species is exactly that biodiversity ( variation in the specie). Once again race is not a scientific concept it's a social one from the 1700's.

Thundersquall said:

I would go off what your parents were, and to a muchlesser extent, what your grandparents were to"determine" your "race". Just causeover acentury ago i supposedlyhad a seminole indian grandmammy doesnt mean im indian, given how far up the genetic bloodstream that was. My dad was african american, andmy mother french, so i am a mullatoe if youwant a technical term.

And genetic differences do exist amongst certain races. Scientists used to wonder for years why african americans seem tojump higher, run faster, and sing louder. Yet also why african american males have a prooven shorter lifespan then the average caucasion male.Plus the obviousquestion as to why races can tend to have such different andunique hair structure and what evolved that, so there are differences. But thats not a bad thing.It's all interesting food for thought, but at the end of the day... we are all pink on the side.

Jdwood said:

Absolutely, just look at me lol! But the point is that you can not CLEARLY establish 'race' because of all the factors (natural selection gene flow genetic drift and so on) that influence biological and genetic differences. Just look at your 'race' ( a genetic study in the 50's concluded that 30% of the traits in African Americans came from European mating, I would love to see a modern study) and my 'race' what are they? I don't know your ancestry but mine is English Scottish Norse French Irish Native American, so how do I 'classify' myself? Race is not scientific. Biodiversity is and that is what the human species has, biodiversity not race.

DeMarco Ryans said:
I'll accept your point to a certain degree, that the concept of races derived from a social justification. However there are some very clear cut genetic and biological differences amongst the sub groups of the human race.

Jdwood said:
Biologically race does not apply to humans it is purely a social term that is misunderstood. We humans have to many variation in our ancestry to categorize ourselves into 'races'. People who use the term to justify certain things ( like having dreads) do not understand the origins of the term. It was first used to justify slavery and put certain groups of people below others and not give these groups equal rights because they were not considered to be 'totally' human more animal. So the concept of race was used to justify inequality and there is nothing biological about race when it comes to humans. This is why I find it ironic when some one that is of African decent uses this kind of reasoning (the one in the blog you posted).
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