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Backcombed dreads!??!? are they dooooomed!?

8 years ago
4 posts
im not goin to lie my dreads are backcombed i didnt know any other way i had done several peoples hair this way.. after they were developed some i just started to leave them be i wash once a week and keep them seperated and theyve done fine.. i had dreads once before and they were done the same way and i had no problems i think you will be fine :)
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8 years ago
15 posts
ive went to start dreads more than once. this last time tho i start3d with two strand twists but the other time i did start with the back combing method. tho i didnt keep it long they did unravel alot at the top. but even with two strand twists they unraveled a bit. but they were very thin tho i didnt like that much even the ones i have now have gotten a bit smaller on their own over time but i read some where that theyre suppose to do that.
Mikey Mikez
8 years ago
90 posts
dont worry about backcombing, ...and yes, they are gonna get looser and then start forming lightly...its fine, its gonna look good... u just have to be prepared for the changes that may come and dont get too attached to this stage...
Amber J
8 years ago
23 posts
Randy your dreads are gorgeous! Im new to this dread thing also, mine are three days old today. They were started with light backcombing and twisting, which helped them break off into their sections. They have loosened up a bit, but nothing too crazy. If there is anything I have learned thus far it's have faith, and enjoy the journey :)
Panterra Caraway
8 years ago
665 posts
Aren't you the cutest little girl!!!!!!! :) And your dreads are beautiful!!!!!!! Nice to have you here...I like your style and I love your attitude. Much love <3
Jack Roth
8 years ago
300 posts
Hey mine were backcombed and they are great and i loooove themmmm! Your dreads look amazing and you look beautiful. Just sit back and chill now there nothing more to do to you hair!
8 years ago
849 posts
Hi! Welcome to the site, I'm glad you found us and didn't waste your money on a dread kit! :o) You're hair is definitely not doomed it looks like you're off to a good start. Be prepared for some shrinkage and loopiness possibly. Or maybe not since they were backcombed really tight.

How long was your hair before backcombing?? It looks like you kept a lot of length. Just keep them clean and separated and in a year or so you'll have amazing dreads! Keep us updated on their progress I'd love to see how they mature. Many Blessings

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