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Hi I'm Undecided =P

8 years ago
12 posts
I really don't know if I should get dreads or not! Can someone here help me? I went through the post that said to dread or not to dread, and i think the answer is to dread. But would I look good with them? Just wondering. Here are some pics!
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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
8 years ago
28,260 posts
id vote for dread your hair would dread up great and ..everone looks great in dreads

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neil coe
8 years ago
361 posts
no doubt bro..... go with dreads...........
8 years ago
18 posts
You're so cute now, but I'm sure that you'd look even better with locks, ":) go for it!
Jack Roth
8 years ago
300 posts
Dude you would look siiiiiiickkkkkk with dreads, you should deff do it
Jake Holland
8 years ago
203 posts
I don't think its a question of whether or not you would look good. Its more a question of would you feel like you look good. When I started mine I was unsure of how I would look, but they took on such meaning for me that it wouldn't matter if I looked completely rediculous. I feel like I look good for one of the first times in my life.
8 years ago
90 posts
yea lock that fro up
8 years ago
7 posts
a wise woman once told me that looks are an illusion. looks aside, i say do what i did when i got mine and go with instinct.
8 years ago
389 posts
First off:Just go for it because you want to.The sooner you get over trying to please everyone the sooner you will feel better about yourself. The sooner you stop caring about what other people may or may not think, the sooner you start to become more peaceful within and with yourself.Finally: Welcome to the site!
Argie Gulay
8 years ago
19 posts
with that looks dread will suit you best.don't worry about pros and cons too much hehe. dreading is a magical experience =D but it's good to hear you checked dread or not to dread post hehe..
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