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Ripping smaller dreads apart?

Giuliano Pagano
11 years ago
55 posts
Today we decided to TnR my dreads today and I just got a few guestionsIs ripping apart very thin dreadlocks a good idea? Or should I just leave them alone to get thicker over time?Is it better to start them off thin or big?
updated by @giuliano-pagano: 01/13/15 08:39:33PM
11 years ago
569 posts
Don't start separating until they start growing together. If you have thin dreads and want to keep em thin then don't let em each other. It's simple. If you have thick dreads then don't let them eat each other either. Average is pretty much the best of both worlds. Thick dreads dry slowly and they can be heavy. Thin dreads can break if they get too damaged. Average sized dreads are strong yet not too heavy. But all sized dreads are great for their own reasons. Thick dreads are super unique. Thin dreads are fun to style. It's all up to your preferences and your hair. It has a mind of it's own. Just let it do what it wants but don't let it get too crazy by turning into one huge uni dread...although those can be pretty kool too.
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