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Samuel Emmah
14 years ago
4 posts
Hi my name is Samuel aka Sam and Im soon to be hoping to get dreads in 6 months to a year (not soon enough, but ill wait to get them). The reason why I want dreads is because mainly I want ot be different from other people "unique" I should say. Hopefully I can get alot of advice while here!
updated by @samuel-emmah: 01/13/15 08:39:06PM
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
14 years ago
29,641 posts
welcomeif u want to be unique then go naturalquickest way to unique healthy dreads

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Giuliano Pagano
14 years ago
55 posts
Welcome Samuel, remember, there is only one thing you'll need to make it through your dreadlock journey, it might not be easy.. but as long as you have this you will make it through.Patience.
14 years ago
327 posts
Dreads wont make you unique..maybe unique to look at....but if you are willing to make the journey you will discover things about yourself and get in touch with your inner self which will set you apart from the 99% of mother earths simian population :)
Rodrigo Leão
14 years ago
39 posts
Hi Sam, welcome!! And we are a unit. Think about it. And you don't need dreads to be unique. One hug man
14 years ago
127 posts
same reasoni got dreads
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