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i want dreadlocks but my workplace doesnt want that,

steven macfall
8 years ago
3 posts
i want locks, but my boss doesny want that, i feel to have locks.wat to do. i live in suriname
updated by @steven-macfall: 02/09/18 05:15:14AM
8 years ago
569 posts
It's because your name is Neil.
Hunter O'Rourke
8 years ago
13 posts
i know this is going to sound f***ed up but this is what i did... i learned everything i needed to know about Rastafari and told my boss i converted and that dreadlocks were a vow that we had to take... i mean honestly i would convert, but not at this point right now
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
8 years ago
28,328 posts
you dont need to be a rasta just have a religios or spiritual reasontell your boss your spiritual beliefs requite you to dreadthats all tell him that to deny that right can get him sued (well where is suriname never heared of it)

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Freedoms wings international
8 years ago
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Dam Sister, go high school geography!!! lol
Jaquerian McCain
8 years ago
45 posts
Seems to me - being where you are located - YOU of all people would not have issue with this. However, as a person who is in the legal field and whose lawyers have worked on many cases quite similar to this very careful claiming you are doing this for religious reasons. You best have the knowledge to back it up. All of the knowledge. If your boss has done any research - any at all - you need to do tons of research to combat what he brings up. And if this makes its way to court - you sitll may not win.Take the cases with Six Flaggs.A company can decide what "look" without it being race or gender based it wants to portray. Six Flaggs has tons of different types of people ocme in daily. They want all their employees to follow dress code - none to the left - none to the right. This would include any hairstyle that would put an employee in a particular religious group or race. Thus they do not hire anyone with locs. That excuse does not fly with Six Flaggs or many other companies these days.So just be careful when approaching this.
8 years ago
212 posts
Check the companies dress code. If there are any loopholes there (like not mentioning hair)Try talking about it but chances are you are going to have to get a different job or don't get locks. I don't see too many people win this battle.
Hunter O'Rourke
8 years ago
13 posts
yeah man... before it told my boss about me getting them... i ransacked her office looking for the policy book and grabbed as much artillery as i needed...
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