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Why did YOU get dreads?

Ginger jack
11 years ago
29 posts
Please tell me your reasons! Interesting to know!
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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
11 years ago
29,469 posts
1st time cause i was tired of doin stuff to my hair id only seen 1 or 2 rastas and it looked neat and liked the idea of never combing or cutting againthen i cuta depressing year of not feeling like me without my dreadsso i realized they were a part of me i neededso they grewi guess i dreaded cause i had to

30 years growing dreadlocks the natural way
My dreads are over 10 feet long

also on the board of, and a student glider pilot with freedoms wings international - soaring for people with disabilities
Richie Mulina
11 years ago
21 posts
Cuz I thought they looked bad ass. And I'm into the the rastafarian stuff. Very interesting.
Ginger jack
11 years ago
29 posts
Mine would be because it's a spiritual thing! And the fact that a bunch of thick dreads are the most immense thing you'll ever see! ;)
11 years ago
393 posts
Among all of the possible reasons, I could give. "It seemed like the most peaceful thing to do." is the reason that is standing out the most for the time being.
11 years ago
569 posts
I started doing research on them for a long, long time cause I thought they looked awesome. I kept my head shaved though because I thought you had to force your hair to do that. But when I found out that you could just grow dreads....well that was it. I knew that they were for me all a long. But now dreads mean much more to me than just awesome looks.
Kiwi Chick
11 years ago
28 posts
I think they are hot.... have always wanted them when I was a little girl...Makes me feel like how I do in the inside....DIFFERENT TO THE REST.....
Rachel Guthrie
11 years ago
36 posts
Whenever I'd see someone with dreadlocks I would automatically be interested in their locks. It was always a want I had, but never really acted on. Then when I read about how amazing the journey could be, I decided to go for it :).
Raging Roots Amy
11 years ago
73 posts
My first experience with dreads was a friend who put them in because she was tired of all the maintenance of her long (red) hair. (I LOVE dreads in red hair!!!) I admired her dreads for over a year before I entertained the thought of MAYBE doing it myself. I loved the feel and the look of them and I feel like they somehow reflected my beliefs, although at the time I couldn't really express how or why. Another year passed and one day I was admiring someone's dreads and running my fingers through them enviously and decided that I was just READY to take the plunge and do it myself! I did a bit of research (mostly on dreadheadhq) and bought a kit. I did them ALL by myself in one day and had 26 dreads, but inexperience (and impatience) on my part caused me to dislike them. (They weren't placed to allow my hair to part where it already does naturally, so they were uncomfortable and didn't lay nicely like I wanted and hoped.) So, only 24 hours after putting them in I combed them out. But, just a week later I was already feeling the fever. During those 24 hours I had my first set of dreads I went to work, and I was almost PARALYZED with fear about what people would think -- somehow I had failed to take into consideration that I would have to deal with people's opinions. By the end of the day I had this great feeling knowing I had made it through finally not caring so much what people thought. It was freeing.The second time around, a month later, I was ready to try again. I had a couple of dreadie friends put them in for me and they did it in only 4 hours (backcombing) and in this set I have 51 dreads. This time around, too, I was anticipating and looking forward to losing some of my vanity due to having dreads. And now with my dreads about 3 months old, I am discovering, too, the journey involved and the spiritual ramifications, so to speak, of having dreadlocks. I have this sensation of being so much more grounded to the Earth and much more PRESENT in my daily life. I sometimes feel, too, like it connects me better to the Universe.In addition to all that, I feel that having dreadlocks expresses a part of my identity as a part of the Attachment Parenting community, as a member of the Pagan/Earth Spirituality community, and just generally being a liberal hippie, LOL. Now, with dreadlocks, I can no longer 'pass' for 'normal', and I'm glad for it!
11 years ago
80 posts
I thought they were cool, so I did some research. I wanted to see what would happen.I think I'm almost done with having dreads now. It's been a good time, but I'll do it again sometime later in life.
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