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I've been feeling very judgemental of myself lately

lino sanchez
8 years ago
27 posts
basically i have a fear of just being disregarded by people. lately i've been feeling a HUGE pressure to sound interesting and be funny when I'm in a group. like i feel i have to make a certain number of jokes, or else i'll just feel like a boring person whose just there. like, i like to be funny, and can be really funny at times, but i just hate this forced feeling i put on my self. it just makes me really nervous and anxious. but like, if i calm myself, i might just end up being silent and just give a couple chuckles and never say much. i don't know why i keep doing this...
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8 years ago
203 posts
aww lino you sound just like me. dont worry so much about being judged by people, i happen to know youre an awesome person :) just be yourself...which may sound cheesy but its true.
8 years ago
390 posts
In the end, do what gives you the most peace and stop caring about what other people think.Regardless of what you do there is always going to be someone who loves you for who you are.
Spider Feet
8 years ago
458 posts
Try being silent then. You'll probably notice that people want to talk to you more.
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
8 years ago
28,334 posts
its kindsa a social anxierty thing but you cope by trying to force yourself out of your shellin a way im alot like that i tend to be real quiet at parties and in groups and just listen more then talk but the thing is its never caused any shortage of freinds or seemed to bother anyone at allpoint is ppl wull be happy to see u just to sdee u u dont gotta entertain them in Ny way theyre just happy your thereat least thats been bmy experiencei know alotta colorful charachters who are always the focus of attention but thats just theyre role to play others are just listeners and sometimes a quiet listener who seems to understand is far better then 20 life of the party entertainers ..if your more comfy being quiet then be what makes u comfy..

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