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i am sorry you guys

8 years ago
40 posts
i am sorry every one. my girlfriend broke up with me that day and it was just a bad day, all that stuff i said was just me takeing off my anger. i know i have to be patient.when i got done breking up with her, i looked in the mirror and just got mad, and put this on this site.i am sorrywhat you all said mad me relize how mad i was that day. i dont give a shit how my dreads look.i have been waiting to get dreads for like two years, i am ready.I was just haveing a bad day.Please forgive me, i hope you all dont think i was just beeing a bitch that day.I am 16, so someone asked.I was just haveing a bad day, we all have those. I was just took off all my anger on this site.i hope you all take a different perspective on me.See Ya
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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
8 years ago
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we all assumed u were just havin a bad day and were always here to support u in every way not just with hair thats what makes a community a communitydont worry bout it

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8 years ago
458 posts
No worries, we all have our days.
8 years ago
390 posts
It is all good. You will find a better girlfriend soon enough.
8 years ago
203 posts
quite alright, i was just worried you werent understanding dreads take patience but i can see you know that. no big deal everyone here is cool and we forgive you :)
Lonnie Berg
8 years ago
219 posts
No need to apologize Lil Brother, Shit Happens
8 years ago
10 posts
hope you're feeling better
8 years ago
362 posts
Totally agree. No hard feelings. The dating world is full of ups and downs. My advice on that, is to love yourself and not look for another girl. We all seem to find the right one by not looking. Granted, I can still remember what it's like to be 16 (even though I'm 21 now..) and can remember how silly and frustrating that advice was when I heard it the first time.Seriously though, no hard feelings. We all get pissed from time to time.Sister Rags said:
Thank you, you;re sweet to let us know what was going on. But I truly didn't think anything negative about you...I felt bad for you. When you mentioned how bad the itchies were getting, Island Mama expressed her concern that it could be lice ('cause lice ITCH like a mf). So I was actually thinking about you today and hoping that you don't have lice (which you probably don't, so don't worry).

I'm sorry about your gf. That hurts. We've all been there : (
8 years ago
40 posts
thank you all. you are all great. i wish there was just a place for everyone like the people on this site.It would make the perfect community.lolthanks guys, bye
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