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Changes and acceptance

Le Sam Sam
one month ago
1 posts

Ready to start this new journey.

Debated on starting 2yrs ago, but received negative feedback

Now that I'm 2+ years all natural(no perms or straightening agents), I feel that its it's time.

I do have 2 cousins that have had dreadlocks for years. I asked them what they thought. They both agreed that dreads were one of the best decisions that they could've made.

I have been searching for weeks for a loctician in my area to no avail. I may have to visit Austin, Houston  or Dallas for someone. But instead, I'm going to try and do them myself with minimal assistance.

I do appreciate any tips or tricks that may have worked for someone. As I'm still learning about my hair type(type 4) and its needs. 

Gazzunger the Grey
one month ago
46 posts

Welcome  Le sam-sam

Glad you're going  "Freestyle"  there's plenty of good advice on this site.

  You don't need to waste a fortune locticians just good shampoo, patience and frequent separating; oh and also a thick skin to deal with any negative comments.

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