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Changes and acceptance

Le Sam Sam
2 years ago
1 posts

Ready to start this new journey.

Debated on starting 2yrs ago, but received negative feedback

Now that I'm 2+ years all natural(no perms or straightening agents), I feel that its it's time.

I do have 2 cousins that have had dreadlocks for years. I asked them what they thought. They both agreed that dreads were one of the best decisions that they could've made.

I have been searching for weeks for a loctician in my area to no avail. I may have to visit Austin, Houston  or Dallas for someone. But instead, I'm going to try and do them myself with minimal assistance.

I do appreciate any tips or tricks that may have worked for someone. As I'm still learning about my hair type(type 4) and its needs. 

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Gazzunger the Grey
2 years ago
76 posts

Welcome  Le sam-sam

Glad you're going  "Freestyle"  there's plenty of good advice on this site.

  You don't need to waste a fortune locticians just good shampoo, patience and frequent separating; oh and also a thick skin to deal with any negative comments.

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