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Hi Im tmyers4185 and my babies just turned 6 months old!!!

6 months ago
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I have tried having dreadlocks several times in the past 4 years. This is the first time I have made it to 6 months. We call it "technical difficulties" the reason of removing the other sets. While, until recently it was tempting to remove them again, I didn't do it and I am so thankful I resisted. I realized most things can be resolved and patience is a virtue. I'm new to participating in forums and blogs so please bear with me on the learning curve. I work in a kitchen where it is full of grease all of the time. I wear a ball cap all of the time, which helps them keep from getting smelly and oily. I am open to suggestions on what I can wear under the ball cap to protect my hair even more. All thoughts are welcome. 

~dreadnewbie tmyers4185

6 months ago
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I've worked in kitchens for years & just used to twist my hair in a bun and tuck it in my hat. Looked a bit weird, but I really didn't care. I also used to just wear a couple hair nets. As for the grease & the smell I just washed my hair as usual. Just be sure to use a residue-free shampoo :)
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