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 Really, I could not keep it from dreading now that I think about it. A couple of months ago I had washed it and strapped it up in a bun for about a week. Once I took it down, there were dreadlocks, well, distinct tangles of hair that I was super worried would not comb out. After thinking how nice dreadlocks could actually work out for my unruly hair, and a little bit of research, here I am! Laugh Thank you for being here!

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I think your hair is going to look amazing throughout this process 😍 there’s so much of it!
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I can already see it sectioning itself!! I think...
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@simpleorange AMAZING hair! Will be very easy for you to get dreadlocks, just wash your hair with a residue-free shampoo and don't brush out the knots when they form :D I shaved my head bald in 2010 and haven't cut or combed since. Took maybe 3 years before I even got my first knot, and even now I still have A LOT of loose hair. Your hair will Dread awesomely, I promise you that. Please do not do anything to make them happen, as they will happen when they're ready too :)

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