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Thor, about to start my second dreadlock journey.

11 months ago
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Well its been about 5 years sincei cut my dreadlocks off and ive gone back and forth for a few years about growing them back but ive finally decided to go for it. The last time i did them me and a few friends backcombed them(my hair was really long it took us 11 hours) i know most of you on this site are for the natural method but i like my dreads to be uniform and somewhat neat. Thats just me tho, this time around i think im gonna try the tnr method. Ive included some pics of my old dreads at about 6 months(first picture) and about a year and a half (second picture) so i hope to update this with some pictures of the tnr dreads just for a comparison. I had 1" sections and i was super happy with how they turned out so ill be doing the same pattern again this time, hoping they turn out just as good.
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11 months ago
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cool update us as they progress

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