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Hello guys, I like many others ended up completely immersed in researching about dreads and I did the back combing method, however I made a rookie mistake and bought wax from dreadheadhq but managed to get the majority of it out and I have taken all my elastics out after the amazing info I found on this site which lead me to join, well I washed them last night after taking the bands out and some kind of fell apart in the front but most of the back ones stayed in tact. Can I just twist the ones that fell apart with aloe vera gel to hold them back together? I really don't want them to fall apart and I know they are only 3 weeks old and stuff and they have to birth themselves but I just want to make sure I'm doing this right, also, I work in a corporate job and was wondering if anyone has any advice about getting them to look professional while they are growing as I don't want them to look too out of control. Sorry for the life story, I'm just kind of overwhelmed and figured you guys could help me.

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they will reform if u want you can twist and rip them..once.  if they come loose again you'll just have to wait and let them dread

corporate jobs have to be accepting of them if the decision t dread is based on "any sincerely held belief" even if its a belief that only you believe.

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