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In need of patience

7 years ago
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I am about 13 weeks in the neglect journey. I am finding that there are multiple small dreads on the underside of my head, around my neck.. I have to separate them regularly now, so I know that once the dreadlings on the top of my head mature a bit, they will absolutely pick up speed. This week, I am feeling a little impatient. Looking at my hair, it just looks the same has it has for probably 1.5 months now. Sometimes I think my hair would be a perfect candidate for TnR, but I am already committed to my journey. & while TnR dreads are beautiful, I think I'd be annoyed at myself since I am already 3 months in. I am a veterinary technician at an animal shelter, we have a huge ringworm outbreak right now. It's awful, so I am washing my hair every evening (it is so early on that my head dries before I go to bed). Not sure how I will handle this scenario when they are more mature.. maybe a cap at work? Anyway, I am just seeking a dose of patience! Love & Light.

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7 years ago
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I hear ya Claire. I work as a medical scientist at a hospital & it seems there is always some bacteriological, viral or fungal outbreak every month we have to watch out for. As for keeping long hair clean and germ free just use a simple nonporous physical barrier like medical scrub bouffant and of course use gloves and wash your hands often. Here's a link to my favorite scrub caps and bouffants, they look professional, have a terry lined band to wick away sweat and best of all they are made here in the U.S.A.Keep posting pics here of your progress and refer to them. Day to day you don't see it but once you establish a time line the progress will become evident. I didn't even know I was slowly developing dreads locks until I was months into my journey.Good Luck & Blessings on your journey.
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
7 years ago
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tumeric i think kills ringworm or wsas it paprtika i just remember seeing a guy at a gathering walking round aked with this earie yellow glow to him and it was cause he covererd his body in i think tumeric cause he was afraid hed come incontact with ringworm

but maybe you wont want to go to work glowing yellow

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7 years ago
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LOL, Soaring Eagle. :) I do work at a very liberal place, but still I'm not sure I want to be glowing yellow. :):) I think maybe next year at this time, I will have to wear a cap to be safe.

irieguy skyhigh
7 years ago
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Patience is a virtue.everywun always wants it dont work lidat.anything worth anything takes time
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