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4 years ago
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There are two doves that show up periodically, in my back yard. They land way up on the telephone lines and set there for a long time before coming down to eat the bird food that we have set out for all the little neighboring birds. If I sit on my swing and be very patient they will come down and peck at the bowl of bird food set out for them. Sometimes I sit there for a long time. I have to be very patient. The wait is worth it. They are so beautiful, and have a calming effect. I am sharing this because?...because that is how my dread journey is going, very slow. Like the doves in my back yard, it is teaching me to be patient. I've come to the point where I am not concerned as much about how fast my hair is dreading up. It will happen when I least expect it. You might think this a bit cheesy and that's ok. I just wanted to post something a little positive this time. Maybe you are a bird lover and will understand. I have golden finches, humming birds blue Jays and various other little friends. I'd like to hear some of your bird stories if you would like to.

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