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Introducing myself!

Diego F.
7 years ago
73 posts

Hi people! I have been wandering in this community for 2 years, most of you knows me but i never introduced myself.

My name is Diego, i'm brazilian, i love punk rock and hardcore music, i have thick wavy/curly hair [but the texture is somewhat smooth] and i'm back to dreadlockssite!

I've learned a lot here [and by experience too], and i'm really grateful, i had neglect dreadlocks for 18 months [Jun 2012 to Dec 2013], and that journey to me was the best thing that ever happened to me in my whole life, as i have a history of severe depression on my life, but i've learned how to be patient and to love myself before anything, and this lesson will be with me forever.

My last set rocked a lot [my timeline ], but i had to cut it on December, because i wanted thin dreads, but on the back of my head they were joining a lot. Since October i recurred to SCISSORS to separate the dreads because it were almost IMPOSSIBLE to separate with my fingers, and when i tried it broke a lot of hair anyways... If i kept separating them i would broke my dreads, so i decided to cut them, wait my hair grow a little bit and start a new set. I remember that i lost almost the first five months of the journey, because on the first month i washed with only plain water, i had mild psoriasis, and i never separated before the fifth month. On the fifth month i separated almost all sections...

Now on this set i think that i'll not do mistakes like i did on the previous set... Now i know that i should separate early, or at least check the sections and roots, wash with something that will clean my hair and don't touch it so much [on my previous set my hands were on my hair at least 3 entire hours a day]...

I've been growing my hair since December, my hair naturally grows really fast, and now i'll start taking biotin to grow even faster...

I planned to wait until December to neglect my hair, but these days i accidentally forgot to comb my hair, it were less than 4 days, and what i saw was like my hair on the 3rd month of my previous set...

Now i decided that... from TODAY i'll consider that i'm neglecting my hair again.

Wish me good vibes for this new set, and thanks to SE, and to all people here in this community, this is a heaven of knowledge and experience, and if it weren't this site, i would never know that dreads can grow naturally.

Peace out!

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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
7 years ago
29,529 posts

sounds like your off to a much better start

its not always a bad thing to start over and corect the mistakes we made


30 years growing dreadlocks the natural way
My dreads are over 10 feet long

also on the board of, and a student glider pilot with freedoms wings international - soaring for people with disabilities
Cody Harder
7 years ago
30 posts

Awesome! Thanks for sharing /your/ words of wisdom.

It's funny that I read this, cuz I've only been going neglect for a month and I've just been trying not to mess with my hair this whole time. Well today, for the first time since I stopped combing my hair a month ago, I started to sort through the sections that were forming on my head. I was really surprised to find that i had to pull some apart at the roots! They've been going for it without me even noticing...

Anyways, blessings on your new set of wisdom-locks. I'm excited to seeing a new timeline! (?)

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