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Hello friends :)

5 years ago
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hi everyone, i joined a few days ago and thought i should introduce myself! :3

my dreadlings are a couple days short of 2 months now, but already it feels like i've always had them... i love them. my hair is very fine and i normally hate it because it just lies flat on my head and i've always wanted to have thicker hair, so i decided to "get" dreads partly for that reason and partly because buying so much shit to put on it and try to make it go against nature was getting on my nerves. the last time i loved my hair this much i had about half an inch of it so it's a refreshing change for me! it's especially nice because in my part of the world (a small industrial town in northern england) it's still pretty unusual to see someone with dreads, especially messy and cavewomany ones like mine. (i TnR'd them then left them up to fate... unfortunately i think i was a little heavy on the twisting which is causing some root forking/splitting and a bit of braidiness, but we live and learn.)

anyway here's a picture of me, my hair and my extremely cluttered living room from last night:

awkward. hahaha

anyway as you might be able to tell, they're doing quite well but haven't done much shrinking or looping yet (i do have some nice bumps and loops in there somewhere which i enjoy very much but i think no one else can see them). i'm wondering, do you guys think mine will shrink a lot, considering it's only to my shoulders? annnndddddddd i quite like my natural colour but i'm thinking about being more colourful for winter soon, i know it's DOABLE to bleach and dye it right now but some of my little dreads are... very little, and spindly, and i don't want them to break off! would it be better for me to avoid bleach for a while? sorry for the newb questions. i have done research i promise, it's just nice to ask and be answered personally. :)

so, yep. might start a timeline thread next! woo! :)

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mindy sue
5 years ago
9 posts
verylovelydear! mine are about the same age I started mine at the end of August. they will shrinka goodbit, but that'stheirway!Lovethem!
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