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In Southern California and NEED HELP!!

5 years ago
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I have one year old locks and recently moved to Southern California and I have no idea where to find somebody who can work on my hair, THE CORRECT WAY. No wax, I believe it is the crocheting method? I had one women, Betseh in Columbia, SC do it amazing!! And my locks have never been tighter and cleaner with no wax. I recently went somewhere in LA, that had reviews from people saying that they did it correctly with the tool, but what they failed to mention was it was the interlocking method that hurts like fuck and is damaging, AND WAX and some spray shit. Not cool. So now I am in the awkward position where I wasted money. hair is fucked, and I still need somebody to work on them because I am in a professional workplace where my appearance on certain days is crucial. Plus, It just looks/feels like shit! Please help if anyone has any information or tips ! THanks!!!!

-Ian Wright

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Eric Blaine Finley
5 years ago
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just leave them alone

5 years ago
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Yeah, crocheting is very damaging. It is your head, but if you want healthy locks you cant crochet them. Using the right shampoo and in time you will have them neat enough for any occasion.


Baba Fats
5 years ago
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Welcome. While yes, many of us are pro neglect, that is not the only method. TnR and back combing are 2 starter methods that won't completely destroy your hair. However, While it is your hair, crocheting does nothing to help the locking process. In only hurts it. in fact, crocheting is more damaging than wax. Wax can be scrubbed out with a good detergent and time. The damage from crocheting is permanent and continues to get worse the more it's done.

The most mature locks should never be stiff and hard, which is what crocheting makes them. Plus, with every pass of the hook, you rip hundreds of hairs into smaller and smaller pieces. So instead of having your hair tangles up in a giant intricate knot, you have many more smaller pieces tangled in less intricate knots. This makes your locks incredibly weak and fragile. And because those hairs are ripped up, more and more often, frizzies pop out and make it seem like more maintenance is needed. Which just continues the cycle of damage.

If you have your locks for any type of spiritual reason, they don't need to look any particular way. If fact it's against the law for you to be told how to take care of your hair, it it's a spiritual symbol. Just like Jews and Muslims can't be told not to wear their head coverings. If you only like the way your locks look, and continue to maintain them, then your boss can fire you for having them because they, one day, decide they don't like them. And you won't be able to fight it.

the Barrellady
5 years ago
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Hi Ian. Guess you know by now that with crochet hooks there is no CORRECT WAY. no matter how careful the person is. I agree that it does make them look tidy when done, but at a huge cost to the hair. Maintenance free dreads also look fantastic and tidy once mature and there is no cost to the hair. Many of us here on the site are not pro-neglect, but pro-maintenance free. We have learned that with time and patience, we can grow beautiful, healthy locks that will last us a lifetime.

There are members on here that still crochet, so perhaps one of them will be able to help you find you somebody you can trust.

Please take it with a grain of salt when others post the damages to you, they (we) only mean well. Good luck. ....Peace

the Barrellady
5 years ago
1,302 posts

KaraElla, I think it's great when we help each other. Sometimes we even learn a few tips ourselves along the way. :) Peace

KaraElla said:

Yes, I apologize for my misuse of words. Pro-maintenance free is much better. And I definitely always mean well!

Ian, you will find this site so helpful.. I know I have.


☮ soaring eagle ॐ
5 years ago
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welcome but going to any shop at all for interlocking crochet anything your hair is fucked you need to avoid all shops u need to remove all wax and let them recover crochet is worse then wax

all u need to do is renmove wax..and wash them do nothing else at all

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5 years ago
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Where in SoCal are you?

matt krantzberg
5 years ago
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leave them alone. if anything wear a beanie. welcome to socal.
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