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Goey white stuff in my dreads

Conny Nordlund
7 years ago
19 posts

Iappreciatethe concern but I doubt it will give me cancer, really. Cause you know, somehow everything gives you cancer these days. Any pill these days have some writing on it telling us it will perhaps kill us by some chance so.. I just don't know, man. I'll just use it and see what happens.. it's just hair

If I die, I won't blame anyone.

updated by @conny-nordlund: 07/10/15 10:17:22PM
Baba Fats
7 years ago
2,706 posts

Justin, I'm so glad your locks are coming in great

Star Gryphon
7 years ago
190 posts

I don't understand why you would think you wouldn't be given honest advice here. These people want to help you get clean and healthy dreads. Part of the healthy is also your body and chemicals in products can have adverse affects. No one is forcing you to do anything though.

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