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Is there a way to un-blunt crocheted dreadlock tips?

6 years ago
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I had used a crochet hook to blunt my tips maybe seven or eight months ago.. That was the only thing I used the crochet hook for- I know of its evils and regret it! I wanted my dreads to look more noticeable at the time, and now that they're mature I feel that the blunted tips look odd and only serve to hold water in. If only I could set back time! The tips are very tight so I'm not able to just loosen the tips up... Does anyone have suggestions or experience with handling this? Could I use some sort of conditioner or something? Thanks for your advice and input.

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6 years ago
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You can pick them apart with a fork or another tool from the ends up to where you want it to be dreaded. You might need to make a vertical cut in the end 1/2 inch to get it started, then you can use oils or aloe to help soften the end, but you may not need it...xo

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
6 years ago
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u can dip the tip in conditioner or olive oil then carefully brush or comb out the tips

squeeze the conditioner/oil into it a bit to work it into the core redfipping a couple times as u do then work on it

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Rainbow Fortune
6 years ago
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I believe you could use a conditioner, and then gently brush them out with a soft brush. It will take a lot of time. You could use olive oil as a conditioner. And I would use it only on the tips.

Note - I have never done this or anything similar, I'm just telling you what I know in general, combined for the purpose. :)

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