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My dreads were super long, now theyre super this normal???

Trenna Carriker
6 years ago
5 posts
Before I started dreading my hair, it was all the way down my back. Like almost touching my butt. Once it was all dreaded, it was only a few inches shorter than it used to be. I'm at my 2 month mark now, and all of the sudden they just got SUPER short and started congoing like crazy and I cant keep up with it! Is this normal??? I've tried ripping them apart but its not working. The whole top of my head is on big mass!! Should I just sit back and let it do its thing??I have 3 pictures:1: before I dreaded it2. one month3: now
updated by @trenna-carriker: 02/14/15 03:35:15AM
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
6 years ago
28,187 posts

well 1st off u said "when i finnished dreasding" you used that all wrong!

you finnished backcombing or tnr but hadnt even begun dreadijng

your at 4 months now your dreading dreading makes em shrink

the longer the hair the more they shrink


but u do need to do alot more seperating especialy if uit dreads fast

keep onto p of seperating

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Trenna Carriker
6 years ago
5 posts
Ohhh that makes sense...Thank you
Trenna Carriker
6 years ago
5 posts
I back combed some of them but not all of them. a lot of them did it on their own but one day they all just shrunk up like crazy
Tara C
6 years ago
645 posts

I don't feel like mine have shrunk at all, but they're looping, so I guess they have and I didn't notice. Dreads do shrink a lot though, especially if you have long hair, it's normal. If they're forming congos quickly then you have to separate them more often, I guess you just have the type of hair that loves to dread. Shrinking means dreading, so...yep, normal.

Trenna Carriker
6 years ago
5 posts
That's a relief! I supposed I'm just not used to having it be short since it's always been long haha I'll just keep on separating them!
6 years ago
1,294 posts

i'm at 18 months and am just now experiencing shrinking. my hair grew during the natural process so my shrinking hasn't been too drastic yet. i personally couldn't wait for the shrinking to happen. my hair was getting caught in everything. its still long enough for a ponytail though.

everyone's hair is different but i've heard backcombed locks shrink the most. its a good thing though because it means your locs are developing fast and once the shrinking stops the growing starts. they look really great too:)

6 years ago
751 posts

everyone's shrinkage is different. mine shrunk about a third, maybe half. you'rs is definitely extreme. but don't let them all congo. that can turn bad really fast. So separate them, rip as much as you need. if you need get someone to help you, maybe use a little olive oil on the connecting hairs and if that still doesn't work, getscissorsand with someone helping you, have them cut only a few hairs at a time, then rip until they can get the rip going. don't be afraid to rip hard.

If you leave it alone and it really will turn into a big mass and you'll probably have to cut it off :(

Evelyn Maes
6 years ago
30 posts

Mine also shrunk to half their seize. And same for me, i was used to have long hair and suddenly it came right above my shoulders. Now they are finally starting to grow :)

Jennye Brooke
6 years ago
5 posts

I was extremely glad to come across this post. My dreads did the exact same thing as yours. Until now I hadn't seen anyone's dreads that looked quite like mine. I was super worried that I was doing something wrong but I'm relieved to know someone else's shrank like mine.

I'm at a little more than six months now and mine look pretty much still like the last picture you posted with a few completely locked up dreads all over. So I lost a total of about a foot and a half of length. =O I wish I hadn't lost so much length but there's not anything to do about it other than hope they grow super fast. XD

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