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Tips of dreads growing into dreads...normal?

Cathy Givans
7 years ago
44 posts

Okay, so I don't really fuss much over my natural dreads, but there is a trend I am noticing here....nearly all of my dread tips are hooking up like a fish hook and then attaching higher up on the dread, which kinda creates what looks like a really thick elongated ball at the end of the dread. There is one in particular that it is really noticeable, and this one is also very flat, so it kinda reminds me more of a matted cat's tail than a dread. My question is, is this normal in the natural dread process? if not, what should I do or should I just not do anything? It's causing my hair to be much shorter than it already is (by at least 5-6 inches) and I don't want to worry about my babies, but this is just weird....especially since I JUST celebrated one month with my dreads. Oh...and if there are any suggestions, I need something other than beads. I live in a small town and can't find beads to fit my dreads.

updated by @cathy-givans: 01/13/15 09:15:07PM
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
7 years ago
28,195 posts

got a picture? but it sounds like the tips are just blunting themselves

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7 years ago
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I think that's what GrittyJane calls "dingleberries" ']

Shanxon Lemasters
7 years ago
411 posts

its happening to a lot of mine too, I just ignore it mostly some I pull back down if they're not "very attached" otherwise if it's the same as what's happening to me it's pretty much what SE is saying, they're kinda blunting themselves.

Cathy Givans
7 years ago
44 posts
I will see if I can get one of my kids to to help take a pic when they get home. I suck at pictures, especially of my own head, lol. You're probably right though, it just seemed to early I guess.

soaring eagle said:

got a picture? but it sounds like the tips are just blunting themselves

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