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????? is this normal?????

7 years ago
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question for anyone.... i was using wax for 7 months and was enlightened by this fabulous site about the crap. so after about 12 hours of brushing all my dreads out :'''''( i had big clumps of hair came out which i expected to happen ... but now my hair is suuuper thin and not just the volume but it seems to be thinner at the scalp too.... is this normal? will my hair get thick again? i want to start natural dreads as soon as possible but i need more hair.... help please!
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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
7 years ago
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how did u start the 1st time?

give em a couple weeks b4 u start again

if u backciombed and especialy if u tried to get em real tight alot might have been pulled out at the scalp and more while combing out

give em a couple weeks or wait u said your goig natural? ok then just let em dread as they recover

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7 years ago
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I'm sure as you leave your hair alone it'll gain much of its thickness back :)I'm with SE, just leave you hair alone and let it do its thing; it'd probably gain its thickness back sooner that way instead of you brushing it. Good luck and I'm glad you found the site!
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