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Am I screwed?

2 years ago
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Ive worn my hair long since adolescence, and have been dreading it for 7 years now. When I started them I used wax to do about 4 or 5 in the front, this was the extent of my maintenance. My remaining  hair was left long in the back. It ended up dreading itself after a few months(don't ask why, long story). Most of the rest took form fairly easily, albeit not perfect. My roots we're never done well and there was undreaded hair a centimeter or two betweenbmy scalp andmy dreads.  Up until about a year ago, they  all stayed fairly uniform and were more or less separated at the root. At this point many have merged together, some I am unable to rip for fear of pulling too hard. They are all pretty much dreaded together at the root, large flattish mattes. I can reach fingers under and feel there is less hair growing from certain parts if my head. Ive always been fearful of maintenance since I didn't really know how I got my hair how to look how it does(I do look really good) so Ive always been afraid to let people mess with them. I'd like to find someone experienced to help but I wonder if it's already too late. Am I screwed?


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2 years ago
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Hi there, I’m not an expert by any means so I can’t give you any first hand advice, but there’s a wealth of knowledge in the Dreaducation section of this site and people who’ve had similar problems to you in the forums. People are probably going to ask if you have any photos of the matted parts so that they can help in the best way, but I don’t think you’re screwed. Loose roots are normal, I think your only problems might be if the dreads that have joined together are forming a dread that’s too big or if you have matted parts that are pulling on your scalp and are painful, but I haven’t seen anything on here that SE hasn’t been able to help with. Have a look through the forums, I’d say from everything I’ve read on this site that going to a salon is probably a mistake and the wax will need to come out, that’s the usual top two issues on here!
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2 years ago
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yes the wax has to come out so you will need wax b gone

you cannot pull too hard.. do it while wet  if its well matted  there will be a ripping sound and  it may hurt..this time after that do it every tine  you wash 

now if they are fully fused together like an inch you may never get them apart without  extra steps but to me don't sound that bad yet just wash then  pull each away from all neighbors if  1 is being stubborn dip your fingers in olive oil and just  rub them on the connected hairs ..then try again


now if it is really merged and all the puling in the world won't release them  this is when you will need the help of a friend you trust.. 

again   wet hair  add the oil and pull   while pulling putting tension on the  connected hairs have a friend ..very carefully like doing brain surgery  use an exacto or razor blade and  slice straight between the 2 dreads ..but only  like a milometer  at a time then try to pull and release them

you might b e a lil sore headed after the 1st session but once they are separated you won't feel a thing  from then  on

and yes lets see photos

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