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guys im freaking out :( can you guys please help me??

Peace Shalom
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Baking soda is extremely alkaline. It makes your hair cuticle open up which is what "cleanses" your hair...But this can also damage and weaken your hair. If you use any at all dont use too much. And don't let it stay in to long and make sure to rinse it all out. It strips your hair of its natural protectant covering which makes it more susecptible to damage. PH is important for hair health. Most water is fairly PH balanced.
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water  is in its natural state the  ph neutral the rest of the scales based on.. a 7  it takes on the ph of whatevers added to it or naturally occuring in the water table like england has a fairly alkaline water ..  when your adding ph to neutral water   how much or little used doesn't change  how much the ph is altered ...i believe im no chemist but thats my understanding.

this mostly covers the ph on the acidic side that affects fish populations

hair falls between the normal range for rain and that of streams. ever notice how rain water makes your hair feel so soft and healthy? its slightly acidic right in the hairs normal healthy range. adding any alkaline or acidic substance to the water pushes it way outside the healthy range. hair should be on the other side of 7 from the alkaline baking soda but nowhere near the acidic level of acv.

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