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Nina "Darth Valkyrja" Marley
3 years ago
6 posts

Was cleaning a friend's dreads and saw some greyish spots in the blonde. When I opened one up, there was this crap in it. She freaked and wanted it out, so I combed out the dread.

Is this residue? Mold? There are thin black strands, gunk (?), and thin white strands. She says she hasn't used anything but a clarifying shampoo from Shea Moisture. It was mostly up by the root area and covered maybe 5 inches of length of where I found it.

20180721_091818.jpg  •  1.3MB

20180721_091826.jpg  •  1.4MB

20180721_091803.jpg  •  1.1MB

20180721_091818.jpg  •  1.3MB

updated by @nina-darth-valkyrja-marley: 07/21/18 11:57:51AM
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
3 years ago
29,498 posts

does the color match her sheets pillowcase sweater she wears or anything like that? tell her clarifying shampoos are not non residue in fact they leave residue themselves but they are very harsh and highly toxic (within what the law allows..barely) they are meant to strip heavy that.. (so obviously isn't working) they are meant only to be used about once every 4 months at most

this looks like lint from a hat swater or t shirt..maybe

could also be from living in a city, the air in a city has tire rubber burnt oil and all sorts of other gunk that leaves a thick black gunk on your skin in your hair..and if you go barefoot for just 1 block you get black feet

you said you helped her clean her hair...why? this to me is an indication she doesn't do it herself very often?

my recommendation makes a charcoal 'detox' deep cleanse. its not on the site just order any other bar  and request a substitution

also get any other bar or liquid (liquid if young bar if mature they look young though)  after using detox once or twice wash with the other every few days

if theres a scent... get rot knot

otherwise try to match the color with anything cloth or wool she sleeps on sits on or wears regularly, if need be replace it or cover with a microfiber silk or satin cover

30 years growing dreadlocks the natural way
My dreads are over 10 feet long

also on the board of, and a student glider pilot with freedoms wings international - soaring for people with disabilities
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