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Dreadlocks not consistent, thin locs - Needs help!

2 years ago
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Hey guys!
I am seeking help with my locs!
They are driving me crazy and I need unbiased opinions on them 
For 15 months I have been getting my hair done around once a month by a hair stylist, she crochet locks and washes my hair. 

After theses 15 months I am unhappy with how my dreads look and believe the dreads on the right side need to be larger. Since they are so small the area is always frizzy. I also believe that since they are not large enough hair is not shedding inside of the dread, which is causing the to stay small and not be as long as the dreads on my left side. This causes a difference in the overall structure in the dreads when you compare the sides, but it is debatable my hair type is different in this area. The woman that does my hair insisted that the dreads on the right would get larger, and said I shouldn't try to combine them because it will make the dread too heavy.  

I am now really concerned that the initial partings were not done correctly. 

I have been looking around most people do not have dreads as small as I do on my right. 
Should I cut my hair because of the difference or will it look fine eventually...

P.S. Sorry for the ugly mug :)

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
2 years ago
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your only problem is you been going to a salon and getting them crocheted.. and to an extreme ammmount

crochet hooks (and salons) should never touch dreads!

now dreads should not all be the same size i had 1 that was 1 mm x 2 mm and that was 3 even tinies dreads ciombinerd (and was over 4 feet long when it disappeared) dreads should be a range of sizes

now with crochet you get many problems

1 thousands and thousands of broken hairs that's why they get extreme frizz during the recovery

2 stiffness and extreme tightness, this results in crocheted dreads often being 1/3 the thickness of healthy dreads

3 drastic delay in actual dreading, by forcing them to be supernaturally tight, they cant move and actually dread!  your replacing a natural process that happens through gentle movements (like a breeze blowing through your hair or water running through while washing or swimming) with the brutality of a jackhammer  tearing the hair to pieces and forcing it to be too tight to dread.. 1 use of crochet to start generalky takes 6 months of loosening before any dreading starts at all..then takes 3 years to lose the stiffness 

4 they look very unnatural and manufactured

5 they will feel scratchy and itchy, all the broken hairs besides causing  extreme frizz causes them to feel rough to the touch, like steel wool

6 crocheting as often as you did can cause weakness eventually. the strength of a rope or dread depends on the length of the intact fibers/hairs this is why hemp ropes are thousands of times stronger then cotton. now a 1 inch thick dread should support the weight of 1000 pounds (full head of healthy dreads the weight of a 747 or 8 i think full grown elephants well over 60 tons) the same dread crocheted thousands of tiomes the hairs are now  1/4 to 1 inch in length  and the dread can be plucked right off or as 1 member found..diving into as pool the waters impact made 4 dreads float away. there was even 1 guy on facebook after years of crochet had to run each dread through a sewing machine to hold them together

so really the only thing to do is fire the loctician and let them recover from the abuse

i hope wax ort other products wernt used too

and i hope youir washing your hair more then once a month

27 years growing dreadlocks the natural way
My dreads are over 10 feet long

also on the board of, and a student glider pilot with freedoms wings international - soaring for people with disabilities
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