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dry dreads, BREAKAGE!, please help

one week ago
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this is my first post on this forum, im just in need of some help with my dry locs,

ive had my dreads for about 18 months ive always used dread fx wax and shampoo on my hair, i only use the wax when my hair is desperatly dry but recently im finding my hair feels dry alot of the time and im getting some breakage at the roots,

i would like to find a natural way of moisturising my hair so i can stop using wax,
i need somthing that will keep my hair healthy and stronger, ive thought about using aloe vera but im not sure wot it will do and even were do i get it from???

is there anything someone here can recomend to keep my locs healthy and stop breakage???

i really apreciate your help

Thank You!!!

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one week ago
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First things first I have to tell you to never use wax again.
It is afaik one of the top 2 WORST things you can do to your dreads only next to crochet hooks.
Our main mentor is at The Rainbow Gathering currently so he hasnt been on as much as normal he will be the best source of information

Your dreads will be with you a long time so you should give them the love they deserve. I really implore you to go read this first, at least skim through or read a section now and one later if you really dont have that much extra time.

Just going to quote the wax section for you but you can use ctrl+F to search for keywords on that page.
Waxes: Waxes are marketed for use on dreadlocks claiming to help keep the dreads together tightly and neatly while they lock up (especially promoted for use with backcombed locks and by locticions.) Now, in order for dreads to dread they require movement, and to a lesser extent, compression. Wax prevents movement and instead acts like a glue, caking the hairs together. This slows down the dreading process considerably while giving the illusion of nice tight knottiness. Over time it can cause very severe issues and is next to impossible to get out. Dirt and grime become just as trapped by wax as the hair does and this is the main reason why people think dreads are so dirty. They also say its conditioning but it isn't; they add vitamin e, which is. Aloe can be used for every purpose wax can, and rinses clear away, and easily, which wax doesn't (2 weeks of wax use, as directed, has proven to leave a wax core years later, regardless of washing.) Here is a small list of testimonials from members who have had their dreads ruined by wax (along with pictures of wax damage!) Aside from having sticky, dirty dreadlocks that come apart, wax has also been known to promote mold production as well as skin issues (such as acne and hives.) Here is another testimonial from someone who had medical skin issues that wax contributed to!The intention of pointing out these testimonials isn't necessarily to scare you however, the promotion of wax usage is so prolific that just informing upon it's evils isn't enough to convince people of the truth. If you have fallen victim to wax usage, cutting your dreads off isn't the only way to remove it. You can do some serious wax removal with a grease cutting dish soap, such as Dawn dish liquid, or use the wax remover from Bucks County Soap. Both products, used multiple times, with the hottest water you can stand, can help get the wax out but it's a horrendous process.
(the links to the testimonials are on the actual thread, i cant copy hyperlinks)

Now that you are armed with that information this is your best solution: charcoal detox is not listed on the website, however if you order another type of shampoo ( I think liquid?) and just add in the notes of the order you wan her charcoal detox instead of X bottle.

Read read read, knowledge is power and Soaring will be back sooner than later I hope but I dont want to leave anyone hanging until then. If you have any other questions ask and we will all try to pitch in till he returns.

one week ago
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Also I didnt touch on the breakage because I havnt had that problem yet, nor do I have any real experience with it.
What I do know is if you started with crochet or backcombing that could be the main reason for a LOT of that breakage.

Would be best to wait for soaring or another moderator to answer that.

one week ago
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Hey joeclark! I'm sorry to hear about your breakage. I want to reiterate what irie said, wax is bad for your hair! Especially locked hair! But don't worry!! There is hope. Browse around on this site, especially the FAQ section. There are a bunch of great people on here who have posted useful information.

soaring eagle is definitely the head dread guru, he's great! I'm sure he'll have some wisdom to drop when he's back from his rainbow gathering.

you should start by heading over to and get Vicky's Wax B Gone and some liquid shampoo. The prices seem steep but they are the highest quality products with no fillers! A bottle of shampoo last me 4-5 months and I was my hair every 2-3 days!

also, grab some of the lock magic gel.

i know those will help.

dont worry, you can save your locks, it will take a little time and patience. Be at peace with this part of your journey, perhaps you needed to make some more time to care for yourself!



one week ago
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Check out Guides and Pages under the Dreadlock Forums heading.


one week ago
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I spray a mix of rosewater and vitamin E oil on my hair. I got the tip from a video of Yannie the locologist. She recommends a mix of 1 part rosewater and 1 part vitamin E oil, but I found it to be too oily for my hair. At the moment I'm using 3 parts rosewater and 1 part vit E oil. I spray a little bit in my hair after washing. A little goes a long way.

It works for me, I hope it works for you too. Also, if you try this make sure to use pure rosewater.
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