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Dread Roots splitting? Please any help!!

2 years ago
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This is hard to explain... My dreads are over a year old and I mostly do nothing with them. I was using crochet needle on them once every month or so but haven't in a while. Some times I do the clockwise rubbing at root. I go to gym about everyday and I wash my hair 2 or 3 times a week. I have noticed here lately that my roots are not dreading up. They sort of are but it more like in strings within the dread. I do not have a picture at the moment.... when I pinch the dread between my fingers its almost like i feel four or five mini dreads within. Some of my dreads feel like this for 2 inches worth of length. I am scared that they will never dread properly and stay loose and stringy. I do not know how to fix this? Has anyone else experienced this?

-Also My loose hairs that I have been fighting since day one.. are still loose at scalp and 6 inches long or more. Any tips on how to get these back in at the roots and make them stay there?

**Extra information... My roots may be staying too moisturized but I do know that my tips have been really dry here lately.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
2 years ago
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1 stop all the root rubbing that can literally pull 1/2 to 3/4 of the hairs right out of the scalp! crochet was a huge mistake as well

but as for the rest.. splitting roots is extremely common when you try to force a section instead of alow natural sections its simply trying to revert to its natural sections..but since it cant   it wil self heal ..nothing to worry about

you will always have 6 inches of loose hair since hair needs to be 6 inches long to dread

the roots when pinched wont feel form cause they are not supposed to be dreaded right to the scalp

to deal with loose hairs when it gets to much if you use products switch from the bars to liquid every  couple only takes me 1 wash but might take you more, that will get all them to start to dread up

the biggest things you need to do are//stop the root rubbing and stop worrying about loose hairs or how tight the roots are

the roots will absolutely take complete care of themselves (except separating) if you just use a decent dread shampoo

like i said though if you use the bars and over condition the roots  then switching to the liquid for a little while will get the roots knotting up

i am going to repeat 1 last time simply because its that important..stop all root rubbing!

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