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2 years ago
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help! I love my dreadlocks and have been growing them for 6 months. My problem is, I work on a fishing boat, and it's a super dirty job. Right now I'm able to wear a hood over them with a hat but it's going to start getting super hot and I'm afraid it'll stop me from working well. Please help, do you think things will come out of my hair if I wash it everyday? Help.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
2 years ago
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yea it will but when its really hot a hat helps keep the dreads up off your back and neck

sometimes i even tuck a chunk of ice up in there too

though that job ..comes with a permenant stench that's really hard to avoid completely

(not to mention the severe cataclysmic ocean depletion)

i know some places those are the only jobs to come by..but if you can find anything else ..even at a pay cut id recommend it

27 years growing dreadlocks the natural way
My dreads are over 9 feet long

also on the board of, and a student glider pilot with freedoms wings international
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