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Is there a secrect handshake? :)

8 years ago
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So... I've been thinking a few days whether to write about this, because it's a little embarrassing. I don't know how to talk to people with dreads. When I started my dreads, we were in Florida on a job. I didn't see any people around with dreads, except Jamaicans, who I consider to have dreads I could never hope to come close to having as cool of dreads as that with my white girl hair. Then we came out to Oregon and then traveled around to places like Eureka, CA. Woah! I found where all the dreadies are hiding! Whenever I see someone, especially a pale white person like myself, with dreads I get really excited because until recently I hadn't been seeing other people with dreads, but I totally freeze up and feel like a shy little kid. I want to ask them about their hair, what method they used, how old their dreads are, etc, but I feel awkward. Maybe because at 6 months, I'm still a little self-conscious about my short, awkward babies. It's easy to talk with dreadies about dreads on here, but in general, is there a way to approach one another? Or is it generally accepted not to acknowledge each other, you know, play it cool? I know that sounds weird, but in 6 months, I've had a lot of people stare, but I haven't had 1 single person outside of family say anything about my hair to me. I've generally considered that a good thing (better nothing than discouraging comments), and out on the West coast I figured it was more because dreads are a little more common. Anyway, just wondering if anyone has any thoughts or experience on the subject. :)

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8 years ago
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I actually did this and talked to this girl with dreads, she was nice.

She actually used wax and ruined her curls.

But i overcomed my shyness and went to talk to her.

People with dreads are mostly nice, i think u should just trust your self and go talk to them, they won't mind.

And if u are feeling shy, just remember. How would you react by u r self? if u would react well, then go talk to them. Everybody is you.

Jah bless !

8 years ago
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Don't think too much, just talk to them. If they dont seem interested then just leave it.

8 years ago
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haha me and this girl that worked in subway kept eyeing each other. her dreads were really cool and we gave each other this look, but we didnt speak about it lol. and then i saw this guy in walmart with some baby neglect dreads. and i saw someone at the flea market and he was an african american with natrual dreads which is kinda rare around here. but we just kinda squinty eyed each others its kinda funny. im kinda shy but i have been having more conversations about my dreads since they are more dready now. it is kinda hard to randomly talk to other dreadies. and obviously its a common fear/question because other people scope my dreads and im scoping theres but we dont speak lol...

8 years ago
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Thanks, for the replies! Robyn - if we lived closer, we'd have to hang out. I love your enthusiasm! :) Knotty Lady - I'm so glad I'm not the only one. I shared a look with the dreadies I saw, but I just couldn't cross the barrier of conversation. Pete and Linus - thanks for the advise!

Laura Earle
8 years ago
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Heh, I've always been pretty straightforward. Compliments are always a great way to start a conversation, haha. I'm always like "Whooaaa, those are some bada$$ dreads!" and it pretty much takes off from there.

the Barrellady
8 years ago
1,302 posts

The little hamlet that I live in has about 44 people, plenty more cows though, no dreads on any other people here or any cows, just on me. We are a tiny section of a town that has a population of 18,000 people, spread over an area of 387 km or 240 miles, never seen a dreadie in town either. The only time I see another dreadie is when I do an art/homemade craft show. Dreadies love homemade crafts, and wicked artwork. When I see a dreadie, I certainly do speak to them. I have never been shy, heck, now that you asked about a secret handshake I will have to make one up!! The other dreadie won't know what the hell I'm doing, but that's okay. Ha Ha. So yeah, I approach all of them, have done it for about 30plus years now, the only difference today is that I have them too!! All dreadies love the compliments on their locks, the time and love to grow them is tremendous as you know, so they appreciate don't be shy...say hi.....Peace

Danielle Hache
8 years ago
100 posts

start with ........hey man cool dreads , how long you had em for?

great convo starter , most dreadies love em and love to share their story , and hey if they dont... ask the next dreadie !! :)

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