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5 years ago
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Well before I start this sharing of mine I have to say, I suck at taking photos and can't seem to take any in good light lol. That said, I will try again so I can post later. My growth started from no hair at all. I've shaved my head constantly over most of my 30 years. The last time I grew my hair, well, it wasn't good at all lol. I put all kinds of chemicals in it and just ended up back with a bald head after trying long hair out for a while.

This time around; I decided to try my hair natural, and with dreads. So I let the bald head fill in. Slowly as it grows, my hair is sectioning itself and curling up into dreads. I use the shampoo and bars from . As it starts to get longer, its about an inch and a quarter now, I realize that my hair is beautiful and awesome. I've completely forgotten why I shaved it before; but I believe it was because of some self conscience thought born of what other people think. There is this baby picture my mom has of me with a head of big curly hair. I couldn't believe my hair looked like that when I was a baby because it never has looked that way again, until now. Washing my hair with chemical laced shampoos like head and shoulders and what ever other brands that are common in the everyday market, made it a lot worse. Now, with the shampoo from its totally clean, fluffy, clear, and its locking up :) This has been a very interesting time so for me so far.

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5 years ago
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haha nice

congrats on starting a whole new chapter in yoir life

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5 years ago
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Thanks SE :)
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