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Be the change we want to see in the world

8 years ago
16 posts

Okay so, i've had a wonderful night. I've had a conversation with someone who i consider my brother and i'm now filled with bliss and wonder :)

it's a fact that there are a lot of people with very strong views in the world, and i would probably include myself in that bracket. In this muddle of conflicting opinion and differeng views how do we find harmony? How do we find cohesion? How do we move upwards?

We have atheists, christians, muslims, jews, jedi's, rastas, spiritualists, vegetarians, carnivores, non spiritualists, artists, lawyers, musicians, doctors, hindus, buddhists and trillions of other different variations on people and things in the world- who all got to where they are NOW in different, very complex ways.

One thing that all these groups of people have in common is that they want CHANGE. In this day and age however, with advances in technology and communication and awareness comes an increase in direct contact of peoples opposing views and beliefs- unfortunately this results in some people becoming jaded, closed off and somewhat dogmatic about the way that they go about trying to make change.

By doing this people are immediately negating the change that they are trying to impart on their surroundings. For example how are religious people who constantly berate atheists ever going to acheive the united world that they strive for if they constantly berate people? The converse is true, and is true for several other scenarios.

This is NOT the way- if you are empowered with strong vision and beliefs, you have that because of your incredibly complex and incredibly unique path that brought you to this point and the reason other people have their differing views is because of their differing path.

The way to truly achieve the changes that we want to make is to BE that change, if you're an atheist and believe that you can be a beautiful person without god then BE that beautiful person. If you're religious and believe that god makes you a beautiful person then BE that beautiful person.

And if you ARE that beautiful person, no matter what your faith,colour,gender or beleif is - then surely it should be within your capacity to have understanding, tolerance and even admiration for the fact that even though someone has a different world view to you- the reason they have that difference is because of the different choices they made along their journey.

THIS is how we ALL achieve the change that we want, and how we all find harmony- we must strive to understand how others have reached the point that they have and love them all for their beautiful human differences.

Sorry for the long post- i've just had a massive spiritual breakthrough tonight :) Thank you so much dreadlockssite for giving me a venue to voice the beginning of my new understanding :)

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Larra Juab
8 years ago
76 posts

I am truly amazed with what you had just posted. I was just completely nodding my head when I was reading it. It's like reading my mind's reflection actually haha. I completely agree with you, we can only achieve the change we want if we become the change, become an instrument to open the people's understanding. May the Heavens bless you brother ! :D

Gareth Mason
8 years ago
1 posts

You already know that we are one in our views here, but I felt like I should post in support of your words too :)
Much love and blessings to you brother <3

Jennaleigh Moonflower
8 years ago
14 posts

The one thing we can depend on in life is change. Change is ever occurring. Like you said some use greed and corruption to induce change. Thismeans we need to group together to make positive changes to end suffering. I am telling you, it is our generation who can make a difference! We are becoming thefuture leaders and our voice must be herd! We can do our part to makeour world change in beautiful ways, spiritually and physically, for eternity<3

Tiffany Davis
8 years ago
6 posts

This is a wonderful post.

Laura Earle
8 years ago
233 posts

Well said. :) You mentioned all those different types of people in the beginning and then managed to tie them together in a manner I would have never thought of -- they all want *change.* But there are so many dreamers and not enough doers out there, meaning that most of these people are dissatisfied with their lives...

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