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Neck Problems!

8 years ago
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You know. during the first few weeks I had the same exact problem. I just tried not to touch my hair alot shake my head too much I thought it might slow down progress. Each day for weeks my neck would be sore, and ache all day. And because I'm always wearing it down my bangs, loose hair in the front and such would get in my face and annoying. Then I realized my I was being overly careful and just said fuck it. I touch and shake my hair all the time and my hair is progressing great. And no neck problems! As for sleeping i just pull my hair back out of my face. Once I'm asleep it doesnt even matter..

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8 years ago
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i am always on my feet at work and at one point i was working a lot. i had some bad back problems then too and when i went for a massage she said it all started in my leg muscles and went up my back probably because i wasn't stretching and was on my feet for so long all the time. maybe something similar is going on with you, job is hard on your body or your muscles are needing to stretch out. try a deep tissue massge, so amazing! hope you sort out whats going on soon

Ojas Acharya
8 years ago
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well .. i dunno, but have u been restricting ur neck movement a little since u have had dreads.. do u feel that when u move ur head/neck to the sides u tend to disturb ur knots and becos of which u have been movin ur neck sparingly.. if so, there are all chances of ur neck feeling stiff and even ache...

i used to feel the same way initially and sometimes used to feel stiff as well. stopped really bothering abt the hair and the knots... nothing can stop them from forming i just move and sleep without even thinking that i have something called hair.. do a few neck exercises. thats it. its all fine enough.

u said u went to the doc and he said its fine... which prolly means that everythings actully fine and u are just concentrating too much on the hair. moreover u said u dont even have really fat dreadies, which means that even the weight is not that much of an issue.

probably ur neck feels stiff due to lack of movement or something. do regular neck exercises and use soft pillows. if the problem still persists, maybe u should do an x-ray done.. good luck.. :)

8 years ago
45 posts

Not saying you are going to or do have this issue, but my neck problems were actually due to my thyroid being out of whack. It causes a fair amount of pain if it flares up, and it took me years to work out that's what it was, because I thought it was just my pillow or my posture.

Hopefully, yours is something less dramatic, and it is revealed soon so you can get some relief without cutting/combing.

GGamingStudio Respect
2 years ago
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Standard models, regardless of the type of filler, at first glance seem comfortable and soft. But their use in cases where the pillow is chosen incorrectly is dangerous because the cervical spine is constantly in the wrong, excessively curved position and can gradually become deformed. Looking for a good orthopedic

pillow for the spine, because I'm so sick and tired of the constant stiffness.
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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
2 years ago
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look up the perfect pillow or magic pillow its basicly a circle ring like donut shape

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