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Debating on if I should get dreads or not..?

5 years ago
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Not sure if this is supposed to be in General Talk or General Questions.. o_O

Well I'm 17 and I've always wanted dreads ever since I was in middle school. I'm graduating in June so I thought I should change up my look. I've always admired dreads and people who have them. 99.9% of the time, they're really awesome people. One of my buddies has had them for a few years now, and every time I chill with him, there is always a random stranger complimenting him. Whether it be just a normal guy or a really pretty girl. I'm always getting compliments on my long hair by people, but I just think it's time to switch my style up. I know dreading is a big commitment, but that's a risk I'm willing to take. It's basically 50/50 with me and my friends. Some say get them, some say leave it alone, some even say just cut your damn hair... Hahahaha. I would love to have them but I don't want to get them and most people end up not liking it. I don't care for what people think about me, but it would suck if all my friends didn't like it haha.

Here's some pictures from my instagram, or you can look it up yourself. IG - Canales420

I honestly don't know if I could rock them like most people can.. Maybe that's just me being insecure but oh well. What's your opinion?

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5 years ago
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I think you should go for it, especially since u clearly want it.

Friends won't go away if they wouldn't like them, if they will their not friends. :)

I say go for it!

5 years ago
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Not that it matters or anything, but I thought you were black lmao. Anyways,do some reading around the site if you haven't already and take the plunge. I say do it at least before you cut ur long hair. I think everybody should have dreads at least once in their life.

the Barrellady
5 years ago
1,302 posts

Hi there, well, your profile pic is certainly not you. I would maybe change it because African American hair requires somewhat different maintenance and you may get the wrong info for your Caucasian hair.

First off, let me say that I too also admired dreads for longer than I can remember. Wish I started a gazillion years ago, but at the age of 49 I did start. Don't me be, if you love them, go for it. If you go the natural route then you can always take them out if they are really not for you. Yep, you can take them out with lots of conditioner and a few days of time. So there is turning back, no problem there. Chicks love dreads (if your into girls, sorry, don't know), they are like carrying a puppy, such an attraction. So that is a bonus right there.

You can rock them, I saw your pic, go for it, you have nothing to loose. Just go the natural way so that you can take them out if you change your mind.


!!emoji!!1!!emoji!! soaring eagle ॐ
5 years ago
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u got hair let it5 dread

if your freinds care so much about yiur hair they arent true friends a true frea=ind will be a freind if yiur face if eatten by wolves or you lose both legs or get torettes and sscrweam f-u all day long

dont worry bout whatgyoiur friends think only what ui think

dreads are a filter

'u see all thoe ppl come up ad admire yiour friend?

they are f=good peope

u may see 1 every so ofte turn up thier nose and give you/him a dirrty look thowe are superficial hateful people worth avoiding

dreads repel the people u want to repel

but all tye rest come runnig to ya

i have dreads to the ground and have more amazing friends then anyone i know..

i cant even guess how many

enough to have our own town

i have a fww ppl every now and then..rarely..who dont like it

but i step ourt the door and cars driving by roll down the window and yell out respect or noi[ice dreads

and i have 80 year old conservative grannies tell n-=me they never saw anything so beautiful

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the Barrellady
5 years ago
1,302 posts

Forgot to mention: natural dreads do not harm the hair in any way, so if you take them out, you will still have your natural hair.

Twist & rip method dreads have a little damage done to them, but not much, you should twist loosely.

Backcombed dreads have damage done to the hairs, it puts little breaks in the strands when forcing them up in the direction of the scalp. If you may take them out one day, I do not recommend this method.

Never crochet for instant dreads, hundreds if not thousands of broken hairs everywhere. You will never get your healthy natural hair back with this method. Never put in hook in your hair.


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