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Jake Cantrell
9 years ago
5 posts
Okay so what are somethings you have made or done on your own? I make instruments... But I would love to hear what you have all done :)
updated by @jake-cantrell: 01/13/15 08:29:21PM
Adam Ligster
9 years ago
22 posts
well, I'm a welder so I make stuff out of metal. I made a 45' collapsable flag pole with rope n pully and car tire stand to take on my festival/tailgating adventures. I used to work with wood when I was growin up. I've made tabels, foot stools, plant stands. etc.. I live on a farm so I have to be shifty at fixin things
9 years ago
20 posts
Hahaha Im Addict into making bong
Mechanical Butterfly
9 years ago
24 posts
I'm an artist, I sculpt, paint, sketch, and tinker with just about anything I can lay my hands on.... I'm actually not so great at always putting things back together the way they were, but hey.. what's the fun in that? I am, however, in the middle of trying to make a kinetic steampunk-ish angel sculpture.Adam.. I have wanted to weld for sooooooo long. Metal has a huge allure to me.
Jake Cantrell
8 years ago
5 posts
thats awesome everyone! recently i've decided to make a guitar.. the only downside is i'm waiting to save enough money for this little project. if you have any ideas on shape or anything that would sound really cool and maybe a little different.. please let me know! as soon as its done i think i'll post some pics, and maybe play a few songs on it for you all!
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