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what has been the best part of your journey?

6 years ago
59 posts
Oh, I also agree 100% with Robyn. I sometimes used to stay in the car when my boyfriend and I went grocery shopping because I was having a bad hair day. Now, I proudly let it fly!
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k money
6 years ago
114 posts

the best part was taking a nice solid crap after 2 months of straightdiarrhea

Becsley Q Penguinface
6 years ago
36 posts

The best part for me is how I feel, like a completely new and happy person, finally doing and saying the things I've always wanted to do and say. I feel more myself than I have ever been in my entire life.

My nanna is an old Greek woman who, whilst loving my brother and I unconditionally, has never been keen on our tattoos and my piercings. I didn't know how she'd react to my having dreads and for a long time she was one of the main reasons I didn't start them. The most beautiful part of my journey so far, was when I was leaving her house the other day after a visit and she grabbed hold of my messy, unkempt, matted up, decorated locks, kissed my head and said "I love your hair and I love you"

Alicia S
6 years ago
33 posts

I can't decide if this is sad or funny but it's true:

My hair is super long, I sit on the very tips of it (you can see pics in my timeline) Often I would joke to my husband about how I wished he'd learn to brush and braid my hair so I could "stop throwing my shoulder out doing it!" And truth was I was taking pain killer every day for pain in my arm and shoulder. It stopped the day I stopped brushing! Now I have honestly medically diagnosed "overly pointy elbows" (I know funniest diagnosis ever) and I'm not supposed to bend my arm past 90 degrees, and certain movements are a no-no. I'm sure that had a part to play in the matter. But the best part of my journey by far so far is not having pain in my arm! And not worrying about what all that pain killer was doing to my liver!

Dreaded Shredder
6 years ago
25 posts

Hayley, I love the comment about the time spent with your bf. I separate my sisters locks for her- she's about 2 months in, whereas I'm 10 months in. It is great bonding time. :)

The most wonderful part for me? Giving way to something that I've yearned for for 9 years. :) The sense of fulfillment watching them dance and grow... and giving myself permission to do the same.

Amber 'Blob' Orpin
6 years ago
7 posts

Best thing about having dreds so far is spending time with my family and friends while they put one in for me, giving us both a chance to sit and have a good chin wag. Also they give me a reason to spend time by my self for myself, something that i have always found hard to do.

Tara C
6 years ago
645 posts

When I was about six months into the dreading process and I'd let go of my impatience, but I looked at a couple of pictures I'd taken and saw that, for the first time to me, they looked like dreads. Not mature dreads, but they were finally getting there.

Also the confidence. I'm a very shy person with low self-esteem, so to care less about what people think has given me so much confidence.

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