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Music Anyone?

9 years ago
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I'm looking for some tunes that are great to relax to, anyone have any recommendations?
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9 years ago
44 posts
If you want something to relax to you should check out some down-tempo like Tosca or Zero Seven. Another excellent album to chill out to is Moon Safari by Air.
9 years ago
6 posts
um well I would have to say some telepopmusic songs are really relaxing and cool sounding. umm beth orton is good oh and some dido lol oldie but i still listen to her. Nick Drake is really relaxing. I could keep going but let me know if u check any of those out and what u think. Alela Diane too that is it I swear but check her out! :P
Jim the Kraken
9 years ago
81 posts
If you have any interest in jazz whatsoever, from left to right by bill evans is an album of beautiul ballads. a modern piano trio called the christian jacob trio also has some really relaxing stuff like live in japan.
9 years ago
109 posts
Circa Survive. <---Anthony has a most divine voice.The Mars Volta. <---Abstract, but definitely an Aztec/Mexican/Egyptian feel to some of their music.Let me know how they treat ya!<3
9 years ago
80 posts
Porcupine Tree: was about to say Mars Volta too, but Matthew said it already.
9 years ago
362 posts
One word: Enya. I can fall asleep to 98% of her work.... but it's mostly celtic based, so if you're not into that kind of thing then... yeah. However, it is what I use on nights that I can't sleep instead of taking a sleep aid or something.
Matted Dew
9 years ago
213 posts
Animal Collectiveor whatever music YOU like,however the most relaxin music comes from YOURSELF making it alone or with a couple pof good friendsNamaste
9 years ago
70 posts
check out Giant Panda Guerrilla Dub Squad... there pretty sweet.
Adam Ligster
9 years ago
22 posts
yea I really love Incognito by GPGDSJessica said:
check out Giant Panda Guerrilla Dub Squad... there pretty sweet.
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